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About Create Your Dream Life

You may be wondering a little about me, and how and why I started podcasting.

Let me tell you a quick story about how I put my life back together after I lost my home and my husband passed away in 2015..

We had lost our jobs, had gone through our unemployment benefits, and were struggling just to pay the electric bill. The internet was shut off. I knew that disaster was looming, straight ahead. I told my husband the railroad tracks were out ahead, and we had to develop a plan together, otherwise...I had to make the plan for myself.

He refused to talk with me about it. I thought he was in denial. So I made my plan, assuming that we wouldn't be able to recover...and that's exactly what happened.

We lost our home, and the most horrible shock of all, was he was diagnosed with vascular dementia. I then had to scramble to find a place to live, and find a place where he could receive the 24/7 care that the neurologist said he needed...

It took a long time before I was no longer in survival mode, but...I never gave up on my dream of becoming financially free.

I have products that people want, that change peoples' lives. I have an opportunity that can give people financial freedom, I just have to talk to enough people.

Along the way, I found Russell Brunson, Steve Larsen and Click Funnels. I knew about sales funnels, I have purchased so many things through funnels. I had always DREAMED of having my own offers and building an email list of fans..and training membership areas...and then I came to find out, I needed some platforms to share what I'm learning, and where I've been, and where I'm going.

And that's what brought me to podcasting and blogging.

Money can only do so much in life. Now, the goal is to make an impact. Because the impact will last forever.

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