Steve Larsen

Special guest

Steve Larsen was at Russell Brunson's side and was hired because he was doing ninja tricks with funnels inside the click funnels software. He is blazing a new trail for network marketers with his MLM Hacks program, produces kickass content at Secret MLM Hacks Radio, teaches offer creation, and is a coach for two comma club winners, among many other things. Steve Larsen has the conversation domination "down," and is broadcasting his message on all the social media platforms. He was featured in the 30 Days book by Russell Brunson as one of the thirty two comma club winners to detail his plan, of what he would do in 30 days if he lost it all. He is the creator of Affiliate Outrage, which is totally free to join, with a wealth of training for online marketers that can be applied to your network marketing business. Join his funnel strategy group and community on facebook, here.

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